5 Tips for an Optimal EHR Transition
Tuesday March 15th, 2016
2:00 pm EST

Care360® by Quest Diagnostics presents the second webinar of our mini-series: Choosing Wisely, Implementing Well for Electronic Health Record (EHR) Success and Satisfaction

Part 2:  5 Tips for an Optimal EHR Transition

Choosing a new EHR is challenging – but it’s only half the battle. Even the best technology can disappoint if your implementation is not as well planned as your selection process was. On the flip side, an expertly managed implementation can enable your EHR to deliver more benefits than you anticipated.

It all starts with a plan – and that starts with asking the right questions.

Join practice management consultant Laurie Morgan of Capko & Morgan as she shares her best practices for planning an EHR implementation. In this fast-paced, 30-minute webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Key questions to ask your colleagues and your EHR vendor before you begin
  • How to form a team that can help you as you roll out your EHR – and beyond
  • Common pitfalls of implementation and how to avoid them
  • And much more!

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