Texas ACO invests in the Quanum portfolio to improve patient care

Premier Management Company (PMC) manages 3 accountable care organizations (ACOs) in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma. Two of the 3 ACOs participate in the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP): Premier Patient Healthcare, with 250 doctors, and Premier Care Community, with 150 doctors.

PMC, which started in 2013 with 12 physicians, is physician-owned, physician-led, and patient-driven. The organization provides coordinated services to its 47,000 Medicare beneficiaries. The goal is to increase quality while reducing costs for those who are enrolled in the traditional fee-for-service program, while also allowing the member physicians to maintain their independence. In 2016, PMC was ranked 12th in shared-savings earnings among national MSSP ACOs, received $26.3 million in total shared savings, and earned a quality score of 97.32%

Even with this success, PMC ACO still saw areas they wanted improve upon:
  • Quality: Some Premier physicians did not meet the minimum threshold in performance when attesting for Meaningful Use (MU) because they were still using paper charts; Premier was concerned about upcoming penalties for MACRA if changes weren’t made
  • Cost: Premier was struggling with too many lab vendors, driving up costs and the ability for clinicians to receive data quickly
  • Data frequency: Medicare claims to ACOs came from CMS every 3 months – this was too long to wait to take action on the information being provided
  • Actionable insights: Needed to manage information faster to better monitor their patient population, and to make more informed decisions for patient care
Learn how solutions from Quest Diagnostics, including the Quanum™ Electronic Health Record, Revenue Cycle Management, and Practice Management, helped PMC enhance diagnostic precision, provide insights at the point of care, and ultimately help achieve their performance goals. Fill out the form to read the full case study below.